Solid MOSO Bamboo

TABLON are suppliers and flooring specialists to install your New BAMBOO Floor.


Solid floor refers to as” Floor for Life”. The density and extreme durable Superior Strand Woven MOSO Bamboo floor are as the name say superior to any hardwood timber. Prefinished with German “Treffert” manufacturers long-lasting low maintenance floor.

Grading “A” MOSO Bamboo.

Green Credentials

Fully CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 & FSC certified. Self Sustaining and Regenerating Moso bamboo reaches maturity within 5-7 years. Any equivalent hardwood timber takes 40-48 years.

Lifestyle Colours

Product Specifications

To understand that each Importer relates to specific products customers needs to understand that UniClick systems vary. Although TABLON Flooring Specialist aim to sustain longstanding Importer relationships it will always be vital to secure board sizes to withstand sustainability in the market.Below chart specify our bamboo specifications accordingly.


Eco Bamboo Flooring Super 12 Bamboo Flooring Super 12 Bamboo Flooring
Eco Bamboo Flooring Super 14 Bamboo Flooring Bamboo Flooring
Floor board size Dimensions 11x125x1850mm 14x135x1850mm 14x142x1850mm
# boards 9 boards 6 boards 6 boards
Box Surface 2.0813m² 1.4985m² 1.576m²
Gross weight 27 kg 23 kg 24 kg
Bevel Micro 4 sided 4 sided 4 sided
Colour Grey Wash Extra Dark Shade 3
Gloss UltraMatt UltraMatt Matt
Texture Brushed Smooth Smooth
Structure Solid Bamboo Solid Bamboo Solid Bamboo
Warranty 15 year residential 15 year residential 15 year residential
Locking system Unilin licensed clic Unilin licensed clic T&G
FSC Certified
Formaldehyde E0 E0 E0
Regions Coastal only Nationally Nationally

Why Bamboo


Strand Woven Bamboo flooring is an extremely durable hardwood floor option due to the manufacturers finish on top surface as well as the compressed manufacturers process it undergo during carbonizing its composition. To Grade and classify hardwood for durability 3 factors determine durability:

  1. Structure
  2. Species of bamboo
  3. Age of the bamboo

Structure of bamboo of Strand Woven bamboo multiplies by 3 times the density of horizontal or vertical manufactured bamboo. The density also makes it dimensionally more stable than horizontal or vertical bamboo flooring. Tablon’s reputation withholds on selling only Strand Woven MOSO bamboo.

Species of bamboo is captured in the MOSO reference.

Age of bamboo – 5-7 years of harvesting done under strict FCC regulations to preserve forestry and reduce ozone emissions.


Superior Strand Woven Bamboo flooring is made from “A” Grade MOSO Bamboo. It takes 5-7 years for the bamboo to reach maturity before it will be harvested. This fast-growing ‘GRASS’ is self-sustainable and regenerates new shoots from its own root system. No animal or land over-harvesting can be traced and it remains re-generating for soil preservation.


Best Value for money for very low maintenance. The perfect alternative to high prices solid hardwood options on the market.


Bamboo wood is a hypo-allergenic product. Very low allergic reactions are traceable as this product is sealed on the top surface. With its pre-finished hardwood “Treffert” finish it secures any exposure to wood-related allergies. Bamboo is made using less than 0.002ppm (parts per million) VOC’s; considerably less than ISO standards and has an EO rating of almost zero.

The significant add-on of Superior Underlay provides reduced heat loss on floors. The extreme sound-absorbent component cannot be matched by its near-equivalents in the industry. This sophisticated product brings elegance and unmatched quality with supreme luxury to your valued home, office, or commercial space.