Tablon Flooring Specialists (Pty) Ltd can provide colour–coordinated profiles for your superior floor installation. Anodized trims replace matching to laminate floor options for the sustainability of wear-and-tear on walkways. Don’t allow the finishing of your project ruin the final outcome. Bronze and Silver Aluminium Supertrims finish and protect expansion gaps to floating floor options. Transition strips /profiles, stair nosing, border reducer profiles all are designed to allow floating floor installations to link with a range of levels.

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When it comes to the completion of high standard installations the vertical uprights (skirting choice) can certainly deflate the aesthetical value of the floor. Even the guarantee on your floor can be compromised. Choose in accordance to the area of coverage, colour of skirtings in rest of home, thickness to accommodate effective expansion gaps, and much more! Tablon’s decorative team will advise and liaise with you on the pros and cons of some choices. Our specific commitment is to add not only a valuable floor but also in the assurance of the finest finishes to floor application.

Making finishes our pride to install flooring that can be accommodated by both skirting completion and installation to standards of WORKMANSHIP. We install with the best craftsmanship skirtings that follow along the contour of the doorframes. Tablon so to say “Trademarks” the installation with our finishing standard. No more dust-collector sealants around door frames. The acrylic sealants are dirt trappers that can end up with too much maintenance to your floor installation.

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