Engineered Wood

TABLON are suppliers and flooring specialists to install Engineered Wood Floors.

Par-ky Flooring

For the more traditional classic look, Par-ky Oak Flooring resembles a multi-layer parquet floorboard. Par-ky lock-in system guarantees successful installations as its interlocking system discipline the floorboards to a warranty inter-locking pattern. With Par-ky’s flooring, the warm real wood top layer is not a comparison to the imitation look most laminates give. No two trees are alike and Par-ky displays this in the unique top layer; as each floorboard is a new wood grain with its unique ‘wood–fingerprint’. Par-ky lives up to a very high level of quality floors.

Why is Par-ky stronger than SOLID parquet?
With its ULTRA-STRONG HDF CORE (high-density fiberboard) Par-ky flooring provides an extremely impact-resistant surface. This HDF layer in combination with the solid wood layer makes Par-ky floorboards an exceptional choice of floor. The eight-durable layers of UV cured lacquer in a combination with the abovementioned layers classify Par-ky in a category of light commercial floors.

Oak Panels

Oak Panels are an imported high-end product with unbeatable excellence properties in elite decor. Panels in a range of effects varying in top veneer layer between 0.6mm to 1mm. 18mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard of European standard) and 0.6mm -1mm Veneer Balancing layer. This product will be a Special imported to client specifications.